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From experience you will be smart:

My name is Christian Bethmann, I am the Vice-President of KCB Sport LLC.

I am 44 years old and father of 3 children. I grew up on a farm near Hanover (Germany) and spent my entire life working in agriculture.

From my 30th year I got increasingly back problems. These resulted from the increasing office work and the constant driving as a managing partner of several large agricultural enterprises with a total volume of over 10,000 hectares, especially in Pomerania (Poland).

At peak time, I had up to 110 employees to manage. As a result, my physical activity has continued to decline in recent years. The one-sided working attitude had left its mark, however: exactly 10 years ago, the back pain was unbearable, so I had to take time for my health.

After numerous failed physiotherapeutic measures - I found MILION

What is Milion health circle?

I came in late 2009, by my physiotherapist, on the strength-endurance training with the Milon health circle. It is a device concept and consists of 6 strength machines and 6 endurance devices.

With only 2 x 35 minutes of strength-endurance training a week, I was absolutely pain-free after 3 months! With so little time, I had achieved a much better sense of life. This change surprised me a lot! The concept of the Milon Health Circle has literally mesmerized me. Through various discussions with my coach I realized that the individual setting options of the digital Milon training devices have a significantly higher training intensity. This cannot be achieved by conventional exercise equipment. The training is - despite or just because of its simplicity - so effective.

The studio was well received and was busy very quickly. The "leap" into the independence of my physiotherapist in Germany with the Milon health circle, he was successful. A side effect for me as a customer was that I could permanently use his Milon health circle on site and thus remain fit for the next few years.

4 years ago, my activities in Eastern Europe and Poland in particular became more intense. It became increasingly difficult for me to train regularly in Germany. Again and again I researched on the Internet, if in the vicinity of our farms had opened a health circle. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Since my strength endurance training was so incredibly productive, a normal gym or a 1: 1 training with a personal trainer was not an alternative. The restart in my life! In 2017 I decided to move to Poland and to open my own health studio together with my Polish partner Kamila. The opening took place in January 2018.


"In 10 years, a person with health problems should not think about going to the doctor first, but about going to one of our health studios"

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The final Health Studio size is determined by the following planning numbers:


  • annually 6 health studios.
    in years 2020 - 2022
  • annually 12 health studios.
    in years 2023 - 2024
  • annually 24 health studios.
    in years 2025 - 2029

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